Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

Meet your Meat..

When I first saw the Video, shared on Facebook, I was so shocked and I couldn't watch till the end. But I always thought about it, because I don't want to Close my eyes from reality... So I decided to watch it again.
Now I'm even more shocked... I always knew that there are things going wrong. But this was too crazy... too horrible. I've thought I've alreade seen everything.~
I was so wrong...
I've cried while watching this, and I think, - No, I'm sure - I wasn't the only one.
I have to say that I'm not a Vegitarian, not full, I alway try to not eat meat because I feel so bad when I do eat meat. After seeing this I feel even more bad - and often I wish that I never began with eating it. But just throwing the meat away because I don't want to eat it isn't a good idea I think... I promise I will never eat burgers from McDonald's or other fast Food Restaurants!
I Need to write it from my heart what I think because to me it's so unbelievable - but still, it's the fucking bloody reality. I always tried to see something good in the humans which produce meet... or slaughter meet. Or better 'torture'. Because many say that they buy meet from good People who treat their animals right and so on, but who can really say it's the truth?! I will never again see something 'good' in it, because there aren't good things...
I just can't believe how People treat animals. Animals are also creatures, they also feel and they just don't care... I don't know, what are they thinking?! These people are no more human in my eyes, I'm fucking done with These fucking 'people'!
I really would like to do the same things to them they do to the animals - I don't care if animals are 'things' in their eyes! But if someone would kill or just 'hit' These guys, they might have to deal with 'concequences' because they are 'people'! Damn'!
I would be ashamed if I would be a fucked up shit-ass, which they are in my opinion and that's their own fault, like that if I would handle with animals like they do!
And I really would like to Show my friends and my familiy what I've seen here! To get the fuckin' vomit out of them. This is just more horrible than any horror-movie!
And I will despise People which are making fun of meat or meat-making! This is no fun!
Sorry for the exaggeration - But I'm really pissed-off!

And no! I won't go and eat a Schnitzel!
I may have to apoligize for my Englisch. Sorry if I wrote too many spelling mistakes.
And sorry for the insults, but I'm really angry...

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